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“True Grit”: A Journey into the World of Love

“True Grit”: A Journey into the World of Love

Review: The tender hunger of young love in ‘Bones and All’

As the credits rolled on “True Grit,” the film’s final scene was still playing when we walked out of the theater. We stood on the balcony in the dark, as the sun had slid behind the horizon and the stars were beginning to appear. The lights on the screen seemed to be blinking on and off and the theater itself was glowing with faint blue and pink lights. It was my second viewing of the film and I couldn’t help but be swept up in its hypnotic spell.

For me, it was like stepping into a world where time stands still. It was an amazing, thrilling ride — a feeling that only a few other films can bring. “True Grit” felt like a culmination of a lifetime of wanting (and, in some cases, having) to find true love. It also felt like an invitation into that world. It was as if I had discovered all the stories of people just like me, longing for love but not being able to find it, and I realized that they were just like me. In a sense, the film seemed to say, “Here’s your story, why don’t you share it with us?”

In the film, Abbie (Jane Fonda) and Jim (Tim Robbins), a young couple, move together into a small apartment, where they begin to build a life together — one which begins to resemble the kind of love that Abbie has always wanted. But as the years go by, Jim begins to resent Abbie and to try to end their relationship. Finally, Jim makes a break with Abbie and abandons everything he’s built together.

For Abbie, this is a watershed moment — an end to her search for true love. While Jim tries desperately to make things right with Abbie, he starts to realize

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