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The Uvalde Independent School District Shoots Two People

The Uvalde Independent School District Shoots Two People

New Questions Over Actions of State Police in Uvalde School Shooting

A man was killed and others injured in the Uvalde Independent School District (UISD) in Uvalde County Texas after gunfire broke out at the campus. The shooting occurred Thursday, March 2nd.

Authorities say the gunmen were arrested. The gun and ammunition used in the shooting were found in two vehicles that were seized from the suspects on Friday. According to reports, the students who were injured in the shooting are listed as:

13 year old Daniel Herrera,

38 year old Luis Alvarado,

20 year old Kierra Davis,

16 year old Landon Lee,

21 year old Isabella Williams,

18 year old David Lee,

15 year old John Ray,

13 year old Jonathan Estrada,

31 year old Robert Mendoza Jr.,

22 year old David Pinales.

According to the reports, the incident took place when the students were at school with a parent or a guardian who asked for their attendance.

Authorities say the gunmen left from the school after the shooting started, and drove to a residence in Uvalde County. They were spotted by a Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office deputy, and taken into custody.

According to reports, the school did not have an active shooter drill on Thursday due to concerns that the incident might have turned into a shooting. Texas Governor Greg Abbott says that school shootings are rare in Texas. He says that there have been a total of 12 school shootings in this state since Jan 2012. He also says that a school shooting has not occurred in Uvalde County in over 20 years.

The school district is currently holding a shooting drill. This is according to reports.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas says that the two people who were killed in the shooting were from the same family, and that they are from the U.S. and not Mexico.

Authorities say that more information will be released soon.

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