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The State Department’s Voter Turnout is Back to 2008

The State Department’s Voter Turnout is Back to 2008

Our liberal media should start listening and talking more with actual voters instead of relying on data to support the party or its policy.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain.

In October of last year, during the election season, we learned that voter turnout was down by nearly four points since 2008. There was a bit of a blip — three points — in August in the Presidential Election, where Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney by just five points, but turnout was down as a percentage of the vote by two percentage points.

That was the first time we saw data that, once again, showed voter turnout in the U.S. going into decline. But, by the end of the month, voter turnout had returned almost to 2008 levels.

And, the data came from the Department of State, an organization that relies on survey data, but whose main constituency are the people in power and those who write or edit the papers.

So, what’s all the mystery?

The State Department, by the way, is a government organization dedicated to foreign relations. But, these days, it’s a major supporter of democracy in the world and in the U.S. It helps the U.S. government make its policy decisions and does other things to assist democracy.

But, you’ll find no mention of the State Department’s numbers.

What’s more, we learned that the actual voter turnout in the past three presidential elections, by the Department of State, where they used a survey that had been made public online by the American Public Research Service and the University of Michigan on Friday, was actually a little higher than 2008 rates.

That’s what I want to talk to you about for the next few days.

We’re about to go into the presidential election, where, by the way, the State Department is doing all their numbers.

I’m a big fan of the Department of State. They do

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