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The Masters was a beautiful year

The Masters was a beautiful year

Roger Federer, a genius who made tennis look effortless, took home another Masters championship at a frenzied Rogers Cup. Here’s a look at Federer’s remarkable win, and some of the memorable tennis that came out of the season.

The Masters was Federer’s eighth Masters title. Before the tournament began, I had predicted 11 Masters titles because I believed Federer would win 11 Masters titles, and then my prediction was off by one, and now here we are. It was a beautiful Masters. He had a solid year. In the final, he was up against a talented Andy Murray. He played against a brilliant player. There’s no telling what would have happened if the weather’s been different, but because of the weather it’s what it is.

You know, for a long time I could not watch the Australian Open. All my life I could not watch the Olympics. So I could never watch tennis and the Olympics together, even though I always loved them. When I’m not watching the Masters, I’ll see the Olympics on television and they’ll come on and I’ll be like, “Oh, great. Here we are again.” And then the Masters ends and I’ll say, “Okay, now I’m bored. What are you doing?”

I never had a bad year in my life, and I don’t think I’ve ever been as content as the week I had. We were all trying to live in the house we were supposed to live in, and I was going to have to sleep on the couch, so at 10 in the morning I was watching the final and I look up and it was over and I said to my wife, I said, “I’m going to bed.” And then I was saying goodbye to everybody

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