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The man who died in Mexico City was a “worst kind of person,” a teacher said

The man who died in Mexico City was a “worst kind of person,” a teacher said

Teachers and business owner who died of carbon monoxide poisoning at Mexico City Airbnb brought light to those around them, families say

The couple had been sharing their home and their bed for several months when they fell ill with carbon monoxide poisoning, a teacher said.

The man, whose name wasn’t released, was staying in the home with his wife and two other family members, as well as friends. All were believed to be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, the teacher said.

“We don’t know if they were drinking or not, or if they were using the bathroom in there, or even if they were breathing. But apparently it’s something that happens,” the teacher said.

“Somehow the place was turned upside down, the carbon monoxide was escaping, and they lost control of the building somehow.”

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Local media reported that the man died in the early hours of Sunday morning after being found dead in the bathroom, and that his wife and two other family members were taken to the hospital.

The teacher said he was “worried to tears” that his family would go through all of this when the situation hadn’t appeared to threaten them.

“He was a good, kind, good man who made everyone smile when he walked in the door,” the teacher said. “In spite of this, he was the most terrible person I’ve had to deal with. He was the kind of person who went out into the street and would talk to people.”

“But to lose a human being this way is so tragic,” the teacher added. “I don’t know what the authorities are going to say, but I hope we’ll see one

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