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The longest airline in the world

The longest airline in the world

‘Hamlet’ in the skies? The story behind Taiwan’s newest airline with the world’s longest runway

With its runway stretching more than 15 miles long, the Taiwan Taoyuan-Huahsiung Airlines’s first flight to the mainland was the first in the eastern region of the People’s Republic.

The carrier was set up in 2014 with investments from the state-owned China Railway (CR), and its passengers are mostly from mainland China.

On December 8, the carrier was put up for sale.

The next day, an airline source revealed that the airline would be renamed to the name of the president – the name of the president is a legal requirement for overseas airlines, it has been well-known that the president is the last in official documents, making it the longest in history.

The airline has now decided to rename back to its initial name.

Meanwhile, the company’s CEO recently said the carrier would operate at a loss in the first half this year in order to invest in new aircraft.

The airline plans to expand at an annual rate of 3-5 per year, according to its Chief Executive, Mr. Lai Yiu-ming.

It’s the same story with “the oldest and the longest” in the world Chinese airline Cathay Pacific is the oldest and the longest – and the second most profitable – airline in the world, according to analysts who track aviation.

The airline has set up its first hub outside of Asia in Hong Kong – it was founded in 1938.

Despite losing money in the first half of this year, Cathay Pacific’s CEO said it would expand its fleet to 19 aircraft, and that the airline would make annual profit of 5 per cent.

The CEO also said that the airline’s annual operating profit would be 10 per cent.

The airline said in a statement that it would invest “up to $140 million” in new or modified aircraft and upgrade its “world leading” fleet of aircraft to the next generation.

On the other side, Cathay Pacific said in a statement that it is disappointed that the airline will not meet its financial targets and expects the company to focus on the operational performance.

The airline added that the airline’s new strategy is based on four pillars: strengthening the customer focus, upgrading the passenger experience, investing in

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