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The First Part of John Fetterman’s Talk on “Speech” from “This Morning”

The First Part of John Fetterman’s Talk on “Speech” from “This Morning”

Abcarian: A speech-impaired John Fetterman is better than a fast-talking Mehmet Oz, and a good listener is better than an eloquent Ted Kaczynski. I think I’d prefer the former over the latter just about every day.

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This morning, I listened to the first part of John Fetterman’s talk on his new book, “Speech,” from the October 14th podcast interview with Chris Lehmann (via) on the NPR show that is, of course, “This Morning.”

As I said last time, Fetterman is better than “Mehmet” Oz because he is willing to listen and learn. Oz seems to want to lecture, he prefers telling rather than listening; he wants his ideas to be more in-depth than the listener can understand, and he has difficulty with the concept of complexity. But Fetterman, on the other hand, is a good listener, willing to listen intently while maintaining an open and questioning mind, and willing to admit when he is wrong.

I’m not saying that Oz is wrong or that he didn’t make a lot of good points. What I am saying is that in order to achieve success, you really need to be able to learn from criticism — and I think he’s got a lot to learn from Fetterman.

In any case, we should have learned by now that Fetterman is a fine writer, whose work doesn’t seem to have been criticized so much at this point. Let’s hope that he can continue to grow and not become lost in his own thoughts and beliefs!

The interview starts at 45:22 (via)

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