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The family of aspiring Afrobeat star Davido Nwankwo is grieving the loss of their son and brother

The family of aspiring Afrobeat star Davido Nwankwo is grieving the loss of their son and brother

Young son of Atlanta-born Afrobeat star Davido drowns in family pool in Nigeria.

Atlanta, Georgia – The family of an aspiring Afrobeat star found dead in the family swimming pool in Nigeria is grieving the loss of their son and brother.

The body of 16-year-old Davido Nwankwo was found in a family pool Sunday morning in the village of Nkoranusa in the Kano state in western Nigeria, according to the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in the southern state.

Watford Obadola, one of the country’s most vocal advocates for Afrobeat music has taken to his Facebook Page to share his heartbroken over the news.

“My heart is heavy with sorrow because I lost my son in an accident,” Obadola wrote.

“I will always remember him as my son, my brother and my friend.”

The family of Davido, who goes by his stage name, Davido Nwankwo, is described by friends and family as a dedicated family man and someone who loved his work, according to the Krio Times.

On Sunday, Nigerian media reports say the family is not blaming the victims’ parents for their son’s death, but are asking the public for help in finding the suspects.

According to the Krio Times, the family of four suspects who allegedly drove Davido at around 2 am to the family pool are said to be Nigerian nationals. It’s unclear where the people are from but the state where the incident happened is said to be a major city in the country.

“[A] Nigerian-born American is a prime suspect in an apparent suicide death of her daughter,” a Krio Times headline read on Sunday.

The young woman was found in the swimming pool with her body having decomposed, according to the Krio Times.

Davido was one of the youngest Afro-Beat sensation of the country. In recent days Davido worked with producers in New York City, including Davido’s father, D’banj, who worked with the influential producer, Quincy Jones, and other influential producers in his city including Tommy Mottola, Davido’s neighbor in New York.

The mother of four of the girls who died has also worked with Davido,

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