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Spider-Man: Far From Home Star Banderas Explains Why he’s Interested in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home Star Banderas Explains Why he's Interested in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Antonio Banderas wants Tom Holland to take over Zorro role in a film reboot of the classic 1980s fantasy series.

The star spoke about his interest in the project to Entertainment Weekly Monday. “I’m not only interested in taking over that role, but I would like to expand on it and do whatever they possibly can, because it’s a very fun, very successful franchise,” he explained. “It’s a very cool project.”

Banderas also addressed reports that Disney was interested in making a sequel, and explained why his role in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel won’t be his last in the MCU.

“My time with the MCU has been really incredible, and I have a lot of plans for the next one,” he said. “It’s my time back in the MCU, and hopefully I’ll be involved in a couple of superhero or comic movies so don’t worry about Tom or me for a second, it’s about me taking it to another level, I’m telling you.”

It’s been a crazy week for Spider-Man, who just saw Spider-Man: Far From Home, and which could have him starring in the next Amazing Spider-Man installment, set to be released on July 5, 2020.

Check out the full interview with Banderas, and let us know what you think of having Tom Holland take on the villainous Zorro in this fan-favorite film series.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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