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Obama vows to put the issue of Russia’s interference in the election behind him

Obama vows to put the issue of Russia's interference in the election behind him

Deep blue wave? Leftist fringe makes claim for more clout as House Dems weigh midterm fallout

President Obama on Tuesday sought to put the issue of Russia’s interference in the election behind him and return to the business of governing.

“The American people were let down last year by a broken campaign finance system. And as the new Congress takes office, it is clear this country, Congress, must finally pass a clean, common sense campaign finance bill like the one I have fought for,” the president said in a statement issued from the White House.

The statement came shortly after the New York Times reported that congressional Democrats were planning a midterm election-year probe of alleged election interference.

“It is the Democrats’ responsibility to stand up for the American people, and I will do everything in my power to defend them and to make Congress return to work,” the president said.

The news came after House Democrats announced that they were planning to hold a series of hearings aimed at examining alleged Russian propaganda efforts.

The issue is expected to raise political tensions with Republicans, who control the House and Senate and are poised to take control of the GOP majorities in the House and Senate this November. The Democrats’ election-year probe also represents a new test of party loyalty and a test of the clout wielded by the left, a constituency whose support in the midterm election is crucial.

“I think both the White House and Democrats in Congress have to be prepared for the kind of onslaught,” said former Democratic Party chairman Terry McAuliffe.

McAuliffe was a senior adviser to former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), a Democrat who as governor won a special election in 2009 by 6 points over a Republican who took office with a mandate to cut the state’s budget. McAuliffe, like McAuliffe was a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has argued for a strong, progressive platform.

“It is very much a political issue. I’m sure the House is going to look at it from a legislative perspective, but the White House is going to look at it from a political perspective,” McAuliffe said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program on Sunday.

While the Democratic-led House and the GOP-led Senate have passed legislation to address Russia

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