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Death Valley National Park voted down after a review of the potential impacts

Death Valley National Park voted down after a review of the potential impacts

Proposed surf park in California desert is rejected by La Quinta City Council

The proposed wave-riders attraction in Death Valley National Park, which would have been on a 4,500-acre tract of land in the La Quinta Valley, was voted down at the Monday morning City Council meeting at City Hall.

The park would have allowed visitors to strap on a paddleboard or jet ski and let their watercraft glide across a wave face, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

In a statement, the City Council said it rejected the idea after reviewing the potential impacts and finding them to be “modest.”

“The city received more than 40 letters of support from local business owners and community groups opposing the project and provided significant community input in the process,” the statement said, adding that the park would have been on a tract of land that could have been sold for development.

“This park would have added to the cultural, environmental, and economic development of La Quinta Valley,” according to the council statement. “The park would have been located to take advantage of a major transportation corridor in the heart of the valley, connecting to the nearby freeway which was recommended by the Planning Commission.”

The mayor, City Council members and most of the local business owners wrote to the mayor and the City Council members, urging them to support the park.

“The city stands with the La Quinta Valley as it prepares to host World Water Day 2017, and will continue to work with local stakeholders and the community to explore all possible avenues to support the park, including the sale of the land,” the statement said, according to the Times-Standard. “This park would have brought good jobs and money to the local economy.”

La Quintas’ business owners also wrote to the city to say their support also could have helped keep the cost of the land under control.

“The cost effectiveness of such activity would have been greatly enhanced by a park,” the council statement said. “The City of La Quinta will continue to work closely with the community and businesses to ensure the park is fully

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