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Cardi B Slammed Lady Gaga for her comments about Cardi B’s mother

Cardi B Slammed Lady Gaga for her comments about Cardi B's mother

Cardi B slams Madonna, calls her a disappointment after comments regarding her music legacy

Cardi B has slammed Lady Gaga for her comments about Cardi B’s mother.

In a recent interview with Billboard, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper called out the singer, saying, “It’s like, you don’t know what love is.” (RELATED: Cardi B blasts pop star Beyonce: She has no style, class)

“She just didn’t know about love — about how to talk about love,” Cardi B shared, adding, “The way we talked about our mom and her death and that love that she had — that is what it felt like to me.”

“I never, ever told anyone to kiss my ass or call my family names or disrespect my mom, because that’s not how we talk about our mom in our family. That is not the language that is spoken.”

After hearing Cardi B’s comments, Gaga released a statement calling him out.

I know that the things I said were 100 percent wrong, and that you are right that the way we talk about our mothers is not how my family speaks about them. You are right: no one should be silenced for their father and mother because of their decisions about their family. Please know that I know you believe in what you believe and you have my 100 percent support.

“There is a huge difference between talking about your love for your mom and the way you talk about your fans and friends,” Gaga added, “I am so proud of you.”

Cardi B also said she’s thankful that Gaga has “no respect for myself and everyone around me. And I’m glad that she isn’t taking me to task, but is actually being really nice about it.”

Cardi, who just shared a new song with the help of Pharrell, is on a roll. While she started off strong with her 2013 debut, she has since dropped two major projects.

The former “I Am Cardi” rapper is currently on the run from the law after being indicted earlier this

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